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Mistress' Mission Statement

Welcome to Goddesses Garden.

The “House of Ki”, Dominatrix home to Goddess Tiffany Kay and the submissive(s) who serve and adore her. This is a Rope family built on loyalty, trust, and discipline. EVERY and ALL subs that enters this home to serve will endure a minimum of a 90-day probation period and one year of full service (with the exception of Service Staff). This letter of intent and purpose is to clarify any misconceptions about the House of Ki including those who can belong, those interested in joining for service or those Dom/Dommes who are intrigued in joining for communion. By standing firm in our mission statement, House of Ki hopes to provide a kink home that creates ever-evolving love, lasting memories, and a safe haven for Kinksters of Colors and those who adore us.

  • From hereforth the terms “We” “Us” “Our” “House” and “Home” refer to the Kink family composed of Goddess Tiffany Kay, her female Switches, Beta Male Bottoms, the submissives who serve her full-time and any fellow orphan Dom/Dommes looking for a kink family.

  • From hereforth the terms “serve” “provide” and “offer” refer to the ability of said Kink family to care for the House of Ki and ALL its members as it relates to our immediate safety, BDSM education, mental & emotional health, physical & spiritual growth, or sensual & sexual desires.

Our Mission Statement:

"Lead by example. Love with integrity. Always beyoutiful.” We are a rope family founded and created in January 2020 by our Mistress & Domme Mommy, Goddess Tiffany Kay. We are a group of male & female kinksters and rope lovers who believe when our founding three principles are implemented, you can truly be happily tangled in the web of beauty that is the BDSM lifestyle. We are Doms/Dommes, Daddies/Mommies, Riggers, and Sensual Tops who have invited along the Rope Bottoms & faithful Submissives who love us.

Our founding principles:

LEAD BY EXAMPLE- Our home thrives on honesty, commitment, and unity. We pride ourselves on serving Kinksters who value genuine friendship and positive energy much more than a hot lusty scene, though we enjoy that here too. We do not tolerate non-consensual play. We do not tolerate insubordination. We do not tolerate disrespectful language. We not tolerate poor character. We seek to offer a pillar of self-conduct and general mannerisms amongst our family that will be respected, admired, and implemented throughout our community. Lead by example.

LOVE WITH INTEGRITY- Our home thrives on trust, companionship, and intention. We consider ourselves a touchpoint for those who are seeking to build their own BDSM homes as they practice kink in a save and consensual environment. Join us in orphanage whilst you await the dynamic of your dreams or even build the foundation for lasting relationships here. We provide students, teachers, and healers with a safe space to Dom/Subdrop in order to accept, understand, and feel the emotions of BDSM deeply and fully. Love with integrity.

ALWAYS BEYOUTIFUL- Our home thrives on authenticity and transparency. We are a group of friends, lovers, strangers, peers, and play partners who have come together to provide a space where ALL kinksters are welcome to grow, regardless of our past. Our home welcomes you broken, in one piece, a little damaged, or straight up lost and confused. Here we serve and love our community AS IS. We believe growth is everlasting in kink, always beyoutiful.

If you are interested in joining House of Ki as a Dom/Domme or Top, please email our Mistress directly at theejustforus@gmail.com.

If you are currently in service to House of Ki, please sign below according to the directions of your Dom/Domme.

Welcome home, Kinky 💋

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