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Learn Your Goddess

Welcome to Goddesses Garden.

The “House of Ki”, Dominatrix home to Goddess Tiffany Kay and the submissive(s) who serve and adore her. This house is built on loyalty, trust, and discipline. EVERY and ALL subs that enters this home to serve will endure a minimum of a 90-day probation period and one year of full service (with the exception of Service Staff). I do not tolerate insubordination. I do not tolerate disrespectful language. I do not tolerate poor character. I do not allow any male subs to switch or top me, ever. You’re place is on the bottom.

This is a reference to give you some important details on who I am as a Domme, lover, and friend. Learn your Goddess.

My Duty:
  • As a lover and leader, I adopt personal submissives to train them on serving me platonically, orally, domestically, and professionally. Any personal sub of mine will complete kinky & vanilla tasks as I expect you to contribute to my personal success and to the success of The SIDE Club BDSM education group as well.

  • As a mentor and teacher, I adopt Kinksters with less than 2-3 years experience to train them on submissive positions, signals, D/s knowledge, role mannerisms, and general lifestyle protocol. Those who enjoy their time as my mentees are welcome to take fulltime Service Sub Staff positions at The SIDE Club or can reapply for probation as my personal sub.

  • As a playmate and friend, I love to do co-topping group scenes with fellow Dommes. If you are uninterested in full-time service and prefer to be a client, you can reserve to make an appointment for a private one-on-one play date, here.

My Style of Dominance:
  • I am a SENSUAL DOMME w Sadist habits. I prefer to be sweet and rub you, grab your skin a little bit, pull your hair and kiss you into ecstasy... I reward those who behave well with my gentle affection as we practice with rope, wax, toys, and whips. And when you're extra good for me, I gift with threesomes or moresomes. But I punish those who disobey with firm humiliation, bare-butt spankings, time-outs (periods i will ignore you and literally fuck anyone i want, except YOU and send you all the footage), and sometimes I’ll invite my Dominant friends to slut you out.

  • I do not have a desire to be emotionally involved beyond our friendship. I hope to build a bond with my subs that will last beyond any personal relationships we develop and even integrate once I am no longer a single Kinkster. We will be learning together and attending events and classes as play partners. Do what you will outside our negotiated dynamic, as long as you don't break our rules. Come back home to me and tell me all about the things you learn. Loyalty, intellect and intentional initiative is sexy and highly rewarded.

  • If you do not identify as a Sub but you consider yourself a Bottom, I will happily accept you under consideration during SUB TRAINING. Rules for probation periods and time-out durations all still apply. However, Sub Training is a mandatory step for Subs who are new to the lifestyle and considering 1 year + service. Sub Training is not a mandatory step for experienced Subs who are interested in long-term service.

My Desires for Your Growth:
  • You complete one full year of service to me gaining a humble and memorable experience.

  • You graduate Sub Training/Probation with 100% passing scores on all small tasks test.

  • You develop a healthy daily routine for self care extending beyond basic hygiene including meal prepping, daily meditation and exercise.

  •  You earn a right to be featured in my uncensored content.

  • You are able to pass the “Leadership” test after graduating probation, granting you permission to train other Subs.

  • You earn the opportunity to watch or assist in Goddess' submission to her Alpha.

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