• Goddess Tiffany Kay

A Personal Introduction

  • In my “vanilla” life:

I am a Black yogini, Sensual Masseuse, sex blogger, fitness coach, Spartan Athlete in Training, and Mistress of @TheSIDEClub. As owner & operator of Just For Us Inc. a BDSM lifestyle coaching company, I am a Solo Performer who enjoys creating nude art with my personal partners and professional clients. My sessions are extremely intimate and usually involve some form of hot wax, rope play, Reiki healing, or body-to-body massage therapy. If you are interested in scheduling a private one-on-one BDSM playdate or Tantra Massage with me, I will require a deposit to reserve your appointment. No exceptions. Goddesses time is precious. Click here to summons me. Ha, that’s funny. I guess I have no vanilla life.

  • In my “kink” life:

Please be advised: I do not date causally or play outside of established dynamics so creating an environment for these relationships to thrive long term is of upmost priority. My sensual energy is powerful, my sexual appetite is particular and I am an extremely rare lover. Eventually, I hope to be apart of a poly home where I can serve my Daddy Dom & Master as Mistress in house. Our home will be one to comfort and shelter all who are welcomed beyond our threshold. With time, effort, attention, appreciation, communication, the will of a powerful leader & dedication to my future- I will surrender. I am hoping to build a sturdy foundation for Black kinky love to thrive in a home of trust, common goals, and hot sweaty lusty quality fucking.

For now, I am simply seeking to build that foundation with friends:

— platonic friends

— friends I can occasionally fuck on camera

— friends who intentionally want to become long-term life partners as family members of House of Ki

— friends who seek to join and contribute to The SIDE Club BDSM Kink home

As is, I continue to grow and navigate the realm of BDSM with patience. I am very much a SWITCH (meaning I am comfortable as a Dominant top or Submissive bottom) and have learned to decipher my slutty moods and insatiable sexual stamina into two personas for ya everyday needs:

  • Goddess Tiffany Kay: A Dominatrix. A top. A bossy brat. A Findom. A Rigger & rope mommy. A spanker. A slutty demanding man-eating Ebony Goddess. A dog trainer. She typically appears in black, red, or dark colors. Always in a dark lip.

  • Purrrsie: A Slutty submissive. A bottom. A Spoiled Brat. A dick sucking whore. A middle. A Gangbang unicorn. A rope bunny. An Anal slut. A sex kitten. She typically appears in white, pink or black & white patterns.

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