Blessings! I’m Goddess Tiffany Kay, ProDomme & Sugarbaby. I have been in the BDSM Poly lifestyle for many years but I won’t bore you with the blah blah blahs of my ins and outs. After 10 years of ups and downs: I have had a beautiful, dark, and slutty experience. I have studied the ancient art of Reiki Lightwork and incorporated Aural Sex into my BDSM practices in order to promote Tantric Healing for the kinky soul. Doing so has allowed me to be able to create a safe haven within this community and I take great pride in my divine position as a Kink teacher, sister, homie, lover, healer, and leader. I am constantly evolving and excited to create new memories and experiences. You can read more about my journey in my writings below and come hang with the gang if you’re in need of community. Enjoy my sexy ass blog and beyoutiful!

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    Thoughts of Deleting

    The only way to yield my submission is to nourish my spirit. The only way to understand my dominance is to see through my heart. Here lies my soul and kinkiest truths. Please, do not misread me.

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    Tiffany's Tips

     This advice corner may be more helpful for those seeking comfort through experienced based information and advice if you are new to BDSM, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Reiki Healing or seeking to learn something new about the world of Kink!

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    House of Ki

    The “House of Ki” is Dominatrix home to Goddess Tiffany Kay and the submissive(s) who serve and adore her. We are a Rope family built on loyalty, trust, and Discipline that caters to those interested in pursuing long-term partnerships.

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